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LIVE BROADCAST WP2: Introduction to the concept of drivers of effectiveness

18 April, 2016



Chris Chinn
Head of Real World

Lucien Abenhaim
MD, PhD & Chairman, 
Laser Analytica
Clementine Nordon
Laser Analytica

Helene Karcher
Vice-President and 
Global Head,
Real-World Modeling,
Laser Analytica
Billy Amzal
Global Scientific Vice President,
Laser Analytica

The European Initiative IMI launched the GetReal project, in order to provide scientific and operational solutions to inform on the effectiveness of drugs at an earlier stage of drug development.

The webinar introduces the concept of drivers of effectiveness and provides an overview of the methods which can be used to identify them early during the drug development plan. In particular, predictive modelling techniques are presented and discussed.

To illustrate how drivers of effectiveness may be identified and used to bridge the efficacy-effectiveness gap, the speakers present a few examples based on case studies (antipsychotic drugs, drugs for asthma, etc.). The participants had the opportunity to interact with the speakers, to further explore the impact of these methods, in the drug development process.

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This webinar is part of a series of outputs on IMI GetReal foreseen throughout 2016 and 2017: