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Sure-Real tool

The Sure-Real simulation and interactive visualisation tool was developed as part of GetReal, in a collaboration between NICE and the MIT NEWDIGS program. The purpose of Sure-Real is to assess the impact of alternative evidence generation strategies in clinical drug development using real-world evidence.

Who is it for?

This tool is designed and envisaged to be used as multi stakeholder tool, accessible to manufacturers, HTA agencies and academia, and to provide visual output for any involved in health technologies.

How does the tool work?

Sure-Real enables users to visually design and explore multiple trial scenarios when creating evidence development plans. It provides insight regarding the use of real-world evidence in clinical drug development, and assess the impact of implementing alternative evidence generation strategies.

The tool contains a data repository; models of different study designs; and patient, costing and clinical data.

The user interface of Sure-Real uses Microsoft Visio, and can be accessed via customised menus both in Microsoft Excel and Visio.

Three types of interfaces are incorporated into the main Sure-Real interface: the Timeline Designer, the Patient Experience Manger and the Population Manager. The tool allows interaction through these visual interfaces, by selecting and changing an element on the Visio page. The tool manages the underlying data by making corresponding modifications including updating the various models, in turn showing results and updated metrics in the visual interface.


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