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Real world elements in clinical trials and the GetReal Trial Tool

Including more Real World Evidence (RWE) elements in your trial design can improve the generalisability of trial results. If designed and executed well, randomised clinical trials integrated into routine clinical practice (also called pragmatic trials) provide RWE on the value of a treatment strategy in usual care while maintaining the strength of randomisation. This benefits industry, healthcare providers and patients.

However, the number of design choices you can make to tailor your clinical trial towards RWE is substantial, and all of these choices have consequences, both on a methodological and operational level. The GetReal Trial Tool (previously called the PragMagic tool), offers you step by step guidance to evaluate design options and their implications, and help you optimise your design and maximise the impact of your data.


For what purpose can you use the tool?

The GetReal Trial Tool offers you an accessible and solid knowledge base to assess, design or discuss clinical trials in the light of RWE generation. As such it can be used both during the design phase or assessment phase of a trial, but also as an educational resource in general.


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Go to to get started right away. The GetReal Trial Tool is open access. The tool can be used without entering any real trial information.



Access the GetReal Trial Tool here: Access the GetReal Trial Tool here:

More information:

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