New methods for RWE collection and synthesis

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PragMagic updated to GetReal Trial Tool: an innovative tool for navigating RWE options in clinical trials



After the successful release in 2017, we are pleased to announce that the Pragmagic Tool has been updated and renamed to the GetReal Trial Tool. The renewed design focuses even more effectively on the tool’s rich functionalities.


The GetReal Trial Tool offers you step by step guidance to evaluate the options and implications of introducing Real World elements in clinical trial design.


Over 100 professional experts from pharmaceutical companies, academia, HTA agencies, patient organisations, and regulators have collaborated in a combination of extensive literature review (references are provided in the tool), in-depth stakeholder interviews, pragmatic trial study team conversations & consortium member input and the content has been validated by a team of professors, clinical trial (operational) experts and epidemiologists.


The GetReal Trial Tool offers you an accessible and solid knowledge base to assess, design or discuss your clinical trial in the light of real world evidence generation. More informed decisions in trial design will lead to better results, and better evidence. This will benefit all of society, especially patients.


The tool remains open access and can be used without entering any trial information.

For more information, visit the new website:

Published on: 05/15/2020