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Kick-Off Meeting Held at Zeist, Netherlands (29th-30th January 2014)

Kick-Off Meeting Held at Zeist, Netherlands (29th-30th January 2014)
The GetReal Kick-off meeting was held in Zeist on 29th-30th January 2014. Chris Chin from GSK and Professor Rick Grobbee gave a warm welcome to the attendees from the 30 different participants joining forces in the consortium. Chris outlined the importance of the project and the impact that can be made by bringing HTA, Industry, and Regulatory bodies together to work with academic, SME and patient group experts to address key issues of evidence generation in drug development and assessment.

The agenda of the Kick-off gave plenty of opportunity to get to know each other quite well, to discuss and network with all participants. In intense break-out sessions the different work packages focused on the practical aspects of their future work, completed the scientific team formations and provided clear plans for the first project year. When closing the meeting Chris stated that he was impressed, but not surprised, by the enthusiasm and energy shown by all in the main meetings and the work package break-outs. In particular he gave many thanks to Professor Rick Grobbee from UMCU and his team for the excellent meeting organization.
Published on: 03/05/2014