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GetReal Stakeholder Conference 'Putting Real World Healthcare Data to Work'

On 17 June 2016, GetReal held the conference “Putting Real World Healthcare Data to Work” in the Digital Catapult Centre in London, UK. The aim of the conference was to gather perspectives of key stakeholders on the potential value of GetReal in decision-making within industry, regulatory authorities, HTAs, and for patients. Following a series of presentations from the GetReal work packages, a concluding plenary discussion sought input from panelists and audience members with the aim of helping to shape the final phases of GetReal’s deliverables, while also determining how to sustain these deliverables within the evolving Real World Evidence (RWE) environment following GetReal’s conclusion. 

Entitled “Where do the outputs from GetReal fit in medicines development and decision-making?” the plenary discussion included the following panelists: 

- Wim Goettsch of EUnetHTA and ZIN, The Netherlands 
- Bettina Ryll, Melanoma Patient Network Europe 
- Robert Hemmings, MHRA, United Kingdom 
- Anton (Tony) Hoos, Amgen 
- Moderator: Duane Schulthess, Vital Transformation 

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