New methods for RWE collection and synthesis

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Workpackage 5 - Project Management

WP 5 is responsible for managing the GetReal consortium by providing scientific, governance, and management direction to the project.

Main tasks and responsibilities
  • Organizing the work amongst work package leaders, coordinating inter-relationships/synergies and external outreach and ensuring that the consortium’s contractual duties are executed.
  • Advising and guiding all participants to comply with the IMI JU regulations and their contractual and legal requirements. Work package implementation will ensure that all contributors abide by the “good practice” of resources management as presented in the IMI Financial Guidelines.
  • Monitoring the effective execution of the work plan by providing management tools for the monitoring of deliverables, milestones and finance, reporting to the IMI JU office as required.
  • Designing and implementing dissemination plans, information sharing within the consortium, as well as develop and implement a communication strategy.
  • Managing of Intellectual Property rights and deriving value of foreground information generated.
  • Implementing training curricula and workshops for consortium and relevant stakeholders to create a better understanding and awareness on the assessment of Relative Effectiveness (including study designs & tools)

WP5 project leaders: WP5 project leaders:

Rick Grobbee, UMC Utrecht
Elaine Irving, GSK