New methods for RWE collection and synthesis

Welcome to GetReal

Overall objectives

GetReal aims to show how robust new methods of RWE collection and synthesis could be developed and considered for adoption earlier in pharmaceutical R&D and the healthcare decision making process. This will require companies, healthcare decision makers and other stakeholders to work together to generate a consensus on best practice in the use of RWE in regulatory and reimbursement decision-making.

Alternative evidence generating strategies will deliver more focused research in pharmaceutical R&D, and allow healthcare decision makers to be more certain when providing patients with access to new treatments.

What will GetReal do to help meet the challenges?

GetReal is carrying out work (within the four work packages outlined on this website) to develop intelligence, evidence, tools, techniques and training to realise the full potential of RWE:
1. Collaborating with key stakeholders in medicine development to assess: the acceptability and usefulness of Real World Evidence (RWE), and approaches to the analyses of RWE, in estimating the effectiveness of new medicines.
2. Studying the scientific validity of RWE study designs and analytical approaches, to better inform pharmaceutical R&D and healthcare decision makers on their potential for use in assessment of effectiveness.
3. Identifying the operational challenges of performing RWE studies early in the medicine development process and developing practical solutions to better inform their planning and delivery.
4. Identifying and sharing best practice in evidence synthesis and predictive modelling of different types of data to estimate effectiveness of medicines.